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Cary Street Walkability

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

A recent survey from Richmond Connects asks the public to vote on whether certain recommendations should be a high priority for the City. Two of these recommendations are whether Cary Street and Main Street should be two-way, and whether Cary Street should be made pedestrian-only. There are no immediate plans to implement either of these, but public input is important to determine if they should be pursued.

Business owners and residents of the surrounding neighborhoods are wary of the parking issues that would occur if Cary Street was closed to cars. The Carytown Merchant's Association will give its input at its August 2nd member meeting when a representative from Richmond Connects gives a presentation on its goals. However at this time, the public should know that there are no plans to make Cary Street pedestrian-only. Instead, the CMA is pursuing reducing the speed limit and adding further safety measures at crosswalks to enhance the pedestrain safety in Carytown.

Please see an earlier post titled "Carytown Walking Community" for more thoughts on this topic:

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