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Ten Thousand Villages Recovery Campaign

Please help Ten Thousand Villages keep the doors open and support their artisans.

"Ten Thousand Villages is a non-profit, fair-trade business located in the heart of the Carytown shopping district in Richmond, Virginia. We help artisans in developing countries earn a fair wage by supporting them and selling their beautifully, hand-crafted products. We follow fair trade guidelines making sure there is no child labor, that women get fair and equal wages, and each item is sustainably made with love.

We opened for business in 1995 and will be reaching 30 years in Carytown in 2025. We have been voted Best Fair-Trade Store by Richmond Magazine for several years and are one of the few pioneers for the fair-trade movement in Richmond. We hope to continue to provide gifts to you and your family and support our artisans that need us more than ever during the challenging times they face in their countries.

We made it through Covid thanks to our support within our local community. With the changes in the economy and brick and mortar stores facing difficulties, we are in the midst of financial hardship. This is where we hope our community can step in and help us keep our doors open. We would be devasted to not have the opportunity to support our artisans we have built such strong relations with. We are truly grateful to you and your continued desire to make a difference with us in this world."

Visit the link below to support the Ten Thousand Villages Recovery Campaign.

Follow Ten Thousand Villages on social media for more information.

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